Although online marketing can "fishing gold", it is necessary to gather the strength of the cabinet industry.

In the past two decades, the development of the cabinet industry is undoubtedly fast. However, with the fierce competition in the industry, the homogenization tendency is obvious. Cabinet companies need to explore more marketing channels as much as possible, and respond to more challenges with diversified market strategies.

Internet marketing can be more "golden"

The impact of the Internet on the home building materials industry is undoubtedly huge. "Double Eleven" has made a lot of home building materials companies fire, so that cabinet companies in similar positions are also eager to e-commerce. Although the current cabinet e-commerce model is still immature, it can't stop the determination of cabinet companies to try to get a gold through the vast network.

At present, the share of e-commerce in the cabinet industry is extremely small, but "online and offline" is still one of the goals that many cabinet brands will achieve in the future, so e-commerce will be an important auxiliary channel for cabinet companies. It is expected that the progress of e-commerce in the cabinet industry will accelerate in the future, and with the assistance of e-commerce, the possibility of direct sales in the brand area will increase, especially in the blank market of brands.

Diversification of marketing channels

In addition, in addition to typical network marketing, the channels of cabinet merchants are gradually diversified. The most frequently mentioned is the “1+N” marketing strategy or the “1+N” channel combination. Taking the headquarters brand as the core, we choose the appropriate sales method according to the characteristics of different places by combining the form of boxing.

In 2014, the marketing model of the cabinet industry will continue to develop in a diversified direction. Emerging channels are independent stores, manufacturers' direct stores and Weibo, WeChat, WeChat public platforms. Cross-border alliances, upstream and downstream alliances, media and companies have joined forces, and the use of star effects has become a trend. The diversified development of channels and models is a necessary means for cabinet companies to expand their own cakes and find a breakthrough.

Collecting industry products and services

The cabinet industry must take the development of the highest quality products and professional services in the industry. From the procurement of raw materials, to the production, processing, design, installation and after-sales service, there are professional and strict control processes. There is a large physical experience store that allows customers to come to the site for consultation and observation, and a strong network marketing platform to support, so that consumers can fully enjoy the fun of professional services in the Internet age.

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