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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The warm red cherry wood always gives us a noble and elegant fashion texture. Create a warm and comfortable bedroom furniture with a choice of warm wood. Because of the better wood bending properties of cherry wood, the wood is soft and plastic, so it can be engraved with different patterns. For the configuration and matching of bedroom furniture, the overall style and color are the same, and the nearly uniform color will create a harmonious beauty. Today, the assessor will take you through a cherry wood bedroom furniture combination - Auska cherry wood bedroom wardrobe .

Wardrobe evaluation

Auska cherry wood bedroom furniture is mainly made of cherry wood solid wood material, and the overall design style is simple and fashionable. The reddish-brown cherry wood quality, the wooden texture is natural and comfortable, the surface is smooth and comfortable, the bedside design is more chic, the leopard leather texture and the carved solid wood work fine. At the same time, the furniture is larger in size and more comfortable to use. The design of the wardrobe is also more user-friendly. The sliding door is smoothly opened and closed, and the storage space is also sufficient. At the same time, the pants rack and the plurality of drawers can be placed to place the small objects separately. Proprietary hardware accessories, the quality is better. Let's take a look at the specific details.

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