British scientists study artificial photosynthesis system to turn hydrogen into fuel

To make more efficient use of solar energy, British scientists are studying how to imitate the process of plants converting sunlight into energy to produce zero-emission hydrogen to make cars as fuel.

As governments around the world try to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels, researchers in countries such as the UK are discussing how to carry out artificial photosynthesis. This research will use synthetic biology to mimic the process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen after concentrating solar energy.

Bart, principal researcher at the University of East Anglia in the UK, said: "We will put tiny solar panels on microorganisms to build artificial photosynthesis systems."

According to reports, hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel that can provide automotive power or be converted into electricity. Bart said: "I think our photocatalyst can be used in many fields, and with a slight modification, we can use solar energy to produce carbon-based fuels, pharmaceuticals and precision chemicals." Scientists at the University and the University of Leeds are responsible. Many countries have begun to develop at least one kind of renewable energy, or mixed use to see which one is most comparable to fossil fuels.

As carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase, some experts believe that a more extreme approach is needed to maintain the average increase in global temperature within 2 degrees Celsius this century. Scientists believe that meeting this condition can avoid most of the negative effects of climate change.

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