Causes of deviation in temperature uniformity at high and low temperatures

Causes of deviation in temperature uniformity at high and low temperatures

Caused by high and low temperature uniformity of temperature deviation, a few days ago our after-sales staff received customer calls, so the device temperature uniformity product deviation, how is it? Due to the fact that after-sales personnel have received such telephone calls, the technicians at Haida hereby share the solution to this problem.

The problem of product deviation due to the temperature uniformity of this device is mainly caused by the following six reasons:

     First, thermal load:

If a sample is placed in the working chamber that affects internal thermal convection, it will certainly affect the uniformity of the internal temperature to a certain extent and become a heat load, which will have a certain influence on the temperature uniformity.

Second, heat transfer:

Since the heat transfer coefficients of the top, bottom, left, top, bottom, and bottom six surfaces of the box wall are different, some of the thread holes, detection holes, and test holes lead to local heat dissipation, heat transfer, and uneven temperature of the box, so that the box wall is radiated and spread. Heat is also uneven, affecting the temperature uniformity.

Third, heat radiation:

1. Some problems in the design will also lead to the device's internal summary and the space is difficult to achieve a uniform symmetrical structure

2. The asymmetric structure will definitely affect the deviation of the internal temperature uniformity

Fourth, sealing:

The tightness of the cabinet and the door is not strict, such as the seams of the seal that are not custom-made, the air leakage of the door, etc. affect the temperature uniformity of the working space.

Fifth, the rationality of sample selection and placement:

1 , if the test sample volume is too large or the test object is not in the indoor location, so that the air convection is blocked will also have a greater degree of temperature uniformity deviation.

2. If the sample is placed next to the air duct, it will seriously affect the circulation of the wind, and its temperature will also be greatly affected.

    Sixth, different internal wall structure will cause the inner wall temperature to be non-uniform, affecting the indoor heat convection caused by internal temperature uniformity deviation.

The reason for the deviation of the temperature uniformity caused by the high and low temperature is the main reason for the deviation of the temperature uniformity of the device. If you encounter similar problems during operation, you can solve it according to the above method.

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