Children's furniture discounts welcome the June 1 sample processing and sell the wind has nothing to do with the "national standard"? !

4.5 fold, 50 fold, 6.2 fold... On the basis of the merchant discount , the store will give the discount again. The promotion time will be extended from three days to three months or even longer. From the quantity of samples sold in a store, Hefei Consumers are willing to pay for the sale of such various names.

Children's furniture market sample batch processing and sales

As early as a month ago, in a high-end store in the north of Hefei, there were successively sampled and sold children's furniture samples, which was marked by the “renovation product upgrade” banner. Recently, in a high-end home store in Laoshan District, the merchants said that the children's home area should be replaced with a geographical location. The merchants are all in the “sample processing”, the discount is as low as half price, and even less than 5,000 yuan can be bought including desk wardrobes. A full set of children's furniture.

At the same time, in some stores, the coverage of “samples sold” has reached more than 80%, and the popularity of these children's furniture after folding treatment can be seen.

Interview: Most parents don't know the "national standard" for children's furniture

On the one hand, the mass promotion of the merchants, on the one hand, the consumer “grab the opportunity” to buy, a mother who chose furniture for the 5-year-old son said that in order to cultivate the child’s independent living ability, it is ready to re-arrange the previously simplified children’s room, now many The brands are all discounted. In the case of any price increase, these children's furniture looks two or three layers cheaper than a year ago, which is very cost-effective! However, she said she did not know about the new standard for children's furniture to be released on August 1.

Most of the consumers interviewed randomly in the store said that they did not know that the children's furniture would be issued with national standards. Occasionally, consumers heard about it, but did not know the specific content.

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