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Peters Riffelwalzen GmbH is currently a member of the Gradet Group. For several decades, various companies in the group have complemented each other in the production of machinery, parts and components, and special rollers and rollers. They are now able to meet the needs of various technical, printing and paperboard handling problems.

As a member company of the Gradet Group, Peters Riffelwalzen GmbH continues its tradition of more than 50 years: providing corrugated board production machinery, corrugating rollers, printing rollers, rubberizing rollers and other spare parts. In addition, Peters Riffelwalzen GmbH offers first-class repair services worldwide.

Therefore, Peters Riffelwalzen is totally worth your trust: it can equip you with existing production equipment and supply you with complete production equipment parts.

Peters has been producing corrugating rolls for corrugated boxes for two generations. Peters is world-renowned for its highly skilled staff and quality products. Peters' scope of service goes beyond providing parts, wear parts, electrical and electronic materials and software, but also includes technical improvements under our product innovation program. During the exhibition, you can specifically understand the following new information:

Through innovative technology, G-323 has won people's trust

Based on the traditional Glue-Star, engineers of Peters/Gradert achieved the best performance of the machine by manufacturing the Glue Applicator Unit G-323.
G-323 is very convenient to use. It is a series of automated devices for touch-screen computer control systems.

Multi-faceted machine

The multi-faceted machine is one of the best dual-type machines in the world. Two corrugated rollers cooperate to automatically change the switch within one minute of pressing a button, and a third reel can be added. This multi-faceted machine thus combines all the advantages of a double-sided machine, and it has the great advantage of a rapid conversion of a double-sided machine disk.

Source: Global Corrugated Boxes

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