Different styles in the big cloakroom bring different dressing moods

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] different styles of cloakroom will bring different experience and mood to the fittings, each of the only a few square meters of small cloakroom may have staged one or the other story, each story is so The movement, today and Xiaobian together to appreciate the different compartments of the cloakroom taste different life.


1. Romantic pastoral style

Using the wall space to create a storage compartment, the entire cloakroom looks refreshed, and the pure white chest of drawers, comparable to the rural style, cool home style, from the natural and fresh fabrics, to the prime The color decoration creates a pure and simple, romantic and full-fledged rural life.

Romantic pastoral cloakroom

2. Luxury and elegance

This stylish mahogany cloakroom has a luxurious, elegant look and is quiet. The shape of the song, showing a mature charm, simple, bright style, sophisticated, skilled craftsmanship, condensed extraordinary classics, heart and soul, if you are in the medieval aristocratic manor, the streamer also forgets. White The sofa and the spacious floor are paved with an upscale rug, which is the elegant and stylish style.

Wardrobe design

3. Classicism

This solid wood wardrobe has always been the wardrobe of mature men's enthusiasm, revealing the rich classicism style, exquisite high-grade solid wood, the ultimate detail of the classic essence and perfection, reflecting the noble and dignity of the nobles. The golden autumn series solid wood wardrobe has high purity, reduces the amount of formaldehyde emission, protects the sheet from deformation, has good wear resistance, does not change color in sunshine, has no lack of romance, and is gentle and full of vitality. It is loved by mature men for its fashionable appearance, good use of space and the trend and change of the home decoration style.


4. Fashion gorgeous style

The sliding door design in the custom closet is more space-saving. It is a small space, plus the door panel and the internal space, which can satisfy the girl's dream of trying out in this space. For single women, this mini cloakroom is enough. The design of the sliding door is convenient to save space.

The separate cloakroom does not affect the neat appearance when the door is closed. In the middle of the glass door, the black-gray material looks very high-grade, so the cloakroom is easy to take care of.

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