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Electric sealer, Ampoule bottle sealer manufacturer - Henan Zhengzhou Yuxiang Henan electric sealer_Ampute bottle sealer prices, pictures, manufacturers. Henan Zhengzhou Yuxiang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known sealing machine manufacturer, Has been committed to the design, production and sales of sealing machine, sealer price concessions. Our aluminum foil sealing machine, electric sealing machine, hand pressure sealing machine, pedal sealing machine, automatic film sealing machine and other products price concessions quality assurance.

Ampere bottle electric melt sealer is suitable for liquefied petroleum gas, control box and fusion sealing table. It is novel in appearance, lightweight and beautiful appearance. The melt-sealing table has a height-adjustable bracket and can adjust the height of the sealed amp seal. The skateboard is convenient for continuous sealing of the ampoule. The Ampo welding machine has a uniform flame, smooth wire drawing, fast sealing speed, low noise, and a production rate of 20 sticks per minute. It is the most ideal equipment for large-scale hospitals, scientific research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to make small batches of homemade ampoules.
Technical Parameters:
Product Name: Ampoule Sealer
1, applicable specifications: 1-20ml
2. Output: 600-800/hour
3, voltage: 220V 4, power: 7W
5, help gas pressure: ≥ 0.04KPa
6, gas pressure: ≥ 0.4KPa
7, net weight: 3.2kg
8, packing volume: 300×180×350mm
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