Flexo printing has advantages in high-end computer tickets

Because the flexographic fluorescent covert ink improves the anti-counterfeiting level of lottery tickets, special printing technology and UV technology can also be used on the back of the lottery ticket, and the picture effect will be more perfect after the improvement. In addition, flexo printing can print and die-cut lottery betting tickets that are formed at once. The size of the synchronization strip and the paper edge is stable. There is no problem of single printing and then cutting small sheets and moving. Shenzhen Jiaoguan Special Paper Co., Ltd. successively introduced 3 flexographic printing production lines from Heidelberg, Germany. Starting from the research and development of computer-based thermal paper welfare lottery to solve the problem of the performance of thermal paper and its impact on the printer, it has achieved good results.

The company applies IT technology to packaging and printing, and prints the serial number and bar code of each product on the advanced flexographic processing line, and only consumers can get the 36-digit random code, and these two groups Digital login to the Internet at the same time can not only effectively achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, but also the product will be greatly improved the logistics management level of the enterprise after it has a serial number (ID number). Its practical experience shows that flexographic printing has unparalleled advantages in special bills, high-end labels, and packaging printing, and can fully meet the technical requirements of IT packaging and label printing.

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Wooden Series Paper

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