High Vacuum Evaporation Double Sided Metallization Coating Machine

Patent Name High Vacuum Evaporation Double Sided Metallization Coating Machine Patent Applicant Shanghai Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 201319 Inventor Tang Yuyu of New Miao Village, Kangqiao Town, Nanhui District, Shanghai Application (Patent) No. 200510025763.2 Application Date 2005.05.11 Certification Date Audit No. 1712554 Date of Publication Notice 2005.12.28 Specification CD-ROM D0552 Main Classification Number C23C14/24 Classification No. C23C14/24; C23C14/06 Sub-item Original Application Serial No. of priority items Abstract This invention is a high-vacuum evaporation double-sided metal The coating machine includes a vacuum chamber composed of a winding chamber, a coating chamber, and a network board. A diffusion pump, a Roots pump, a slide valve pump, and a valve constitute a first vacuum system and a cold trap type second vacuum system. The evaporation source, the second vacuum pumping system adopts a non-condensation trapping pump, which is connected in series by a slide valve pump, a Roots pump, two booster pumps and a valve, and the two booster pumps are connected in parallel with each other, and then the above Other components are connected in series to form a second vacuum system. The utility model is characterized in that the said film-transmitting mechanism is composed of two parallel main shafts and guide shafts, a flat shaft, a reel and a retracting reel, both of which are installed on a conveyer frame chassis, an evaporation source is placed under the main shaft, and a film is placed on the reel. The drive to the take-up reel enables both sides of the film to be coated with a metal film. The beneficial effects of the present invention are: overcome the deficiency of the prior art that can only be coated on one side, realize double-side coating, greatly improve the level and level of domestic electronic equipment and packaging materials, and simultaneously improve the working effect. The application has obvious social and economic benefits. Sovereignty item 1. A high vacuum evaporation double-sided metallization coating machine, including a vacuum chamber (6) composed of a winding chamber (16), a coating chamber (19) and a network board (20), a diffusion pump (7), and a valve (10) Roots pumps (11), (9), and the slide valve pump (8) constitute the first vacuum pumping system and the cold trap type second vacuum pumping system, as well as the membrane transfer mechanism (5) and the evaporation source (17) The second vacuum pumping system uses a non-condensing trapping pump, which is a slide valve pump (15), a Roots pump (14), two booster pumps (12) and (13), and a valve (10-1). Connected in series, two booster pumps connected in parallel with each other, and then connected in series with the above-mentioned other components to form a second vacuum pumping system. The second pumping vacuum system is connected to the vacuum chamber, characterized in that: The parallel main shaft (5-1) and the guide shaft (5-5), the flat shaft (5-2), the reel (5-3) and the take-up reel (5-4) are all mounted on the transfer frame chassis. (4) Above, the evaporation source (17) is placed underneath the spindle, and the film is driven from the discharge spool to the take-up spindle. The metal film can be plated on both sides of the film. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Shanghai Pudong Liangfeng Patent Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Chen Zhiliang

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