How to avoid dot moiré

Turtle refers to an unpleasant web pattern that appears in the proof or printing due to the improperly matched angle of the positive plate.

Avoid methods include:
1. The screen angle difference between strong red, green and black plates must be not less than 30° and the yellow plate is set at 90°;
2. Do not darken the light-colored ink when there is a light-colored version;
3. When using printed matter as originals, the screen angle chosen for each color version should be offset from the corresponding screen angle on the original. For example, the original version is 90° in yellow, magenta is 75°, cyan is 15°, and black is 45°. Can be used in yellow 45°, magenta 30°, cyan 60°, and black 90°.

Source: Spark Design Author: Yang Yang

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