How to choose the medical centrifuge model correctly

Editor's note: Usually when we purchase low-speed centrifuges for hospital laboratories, we usually don't understand the configuration and type of centrifuge parameters we need. Here I will briefly introduce them.

The selection of medical centrifuge models is generally selected according to the following five aspects:

1. Medical centrifuge separation purpose: The medical centrifuge is mainly used for blood separation or virus separation.

2. Requirements for the speed of medical centrifuges: The maximum speed of medical centrifuges when separating blood is generally 4000 rpm, and the speed of separation for DNA or virus identification samples is generally above 10,000 rpm.

3. Capacity requirements for medical centrifuges: refers to the capacity of centrifuge tubes and the maximum number of centrifuge tubes that can be placed at one time. Medical centrifuges are often used for the separation of vacuum blood collection tubes. There are two specifications of vacuum blood collection tubes: 5mL and 7mL. The centrifuge tubes used for virus isolation are generally 1.5ml and 2.2ml.

4. Temperature control requirements for medical centrifuges: It means that it is not necessary to freeze when separating samples. If freezing is required, use a refrigerated centrifuge. If there is no need for freezing, choose a centrifuge without freezing (normal temperature centrifuge).

5. Workload requirements of medical centrifuges: The use of centrifuges in large hospitals or medical examination centers often has hundreds of workloads each time. In the past, manual manual cap removal not only wasted staff time and energy, but also Remix the separated samples. Therefore, in order to avoid the waste of manpower and the remixing of samples, Changsha Weilkang Xiangying Centrifuge Co., Ltd. launched an automatic decap centrifuge.

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