Maintenance method of high and low temperature test chamber

Familiar with the use and maintenance methods of the high and low temperature test chamber series, understand the daily maintenance of the equipment and the simple test method for the main technical indicators, and often maintain and test the equipment to ensure the best state of the equipment.

After using the high and low temperature test chamber for a certain period, a certain amount of dust will accumulate inside. It is best to regularly open the equipment cover by the maintenance engineer or under the guidance of the engineer to remove the dust inside. Clean the sealed window of the optical box, calibrate the optical path if necessary, clean and lubricate the mechanical parts, and finally, restore the original state, and then perform some necessary testing, adjustment and recording.

In addition, the dust and corrosive gas in the environment can also affect the flexibility of the equipment system, reduce the reliability of various limit switches, buttons, and photoelectric couplings. It is also one of the reasons for the corrosion of the aluminum film that must be learned. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly to ensure the environment and hygienic conditions in the laboratory.

Pay attention to the regular maintenance during the use of high and low temperature test chamber equipment, which helps to ensure the service life of the product.

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