Moen sink 23302+ faucet MCL7594, the better the quality of life

Product parameters Sink 23302 Kitchen basin size: 830 * 480 * 200mm opening size: 812 * 462 * R40 mm process: one-piece molding thickness: 1.0mm material: 304 stainless steel, silencer anti-condensation coating sink hole: faucet hole * 1 + soap Liquid hole * 1 faucet Mcl 7594 size: total faucet height 394mm, faucet height 210mm, distance from faucet to faucet center 200mm

Evaluation time: March 2013

Evaluation location: Moen flagship store

Evaluation brand: Moen

Evaluation product: Moen sink 23302+ faucet MCL7594

Evaluation items: appearance, materials, experience

Advocating details, making every set of kitchen utensils strive for excellence in every detail; pursuing excellence, so that every family can enjoy the noble and elegant "new European life aesthetics", is Moen's pursuit, Moen company launched "2012 Best-selling Kitchen Basin + Free Control Pulldown Faucet Classic Set" meets the needs of different families in China, making every operator handy.

Fashionable and simple at first glance

The overall appearance is simple and stylish, and the modern and tough lines show the minimalist trend in the eyes. The ultra-deep sink depth and water retaining edge, large and small sinks, unique multi-functional design, perfectly integrate the practical factors of Chinese kitchen. The surface of the kitchen sink is frosted, beautiful and scratch-resistant; the back of the kitchen sink is condensed and coated with high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for most decoration styles; the R-angle design inside the basin is beautiful and fashionable.

Superb technology completely conquered

First look at the faucet: the free-control faucet (Reflex), a new system independently developed by Moen. The faucet can be drawn freely, easy to operate, and provides enough space for kitchen life. The water flow can reach any place you need. The drawing is smoother, taking care of every position, and it is convenient and fast to clean every corner of the kitchen sink. No matter where you let go, the pull-out faucet will automatically return to its original position quickly, and the true 360-degree coverage is more convenient.

Look at the sink again: the one-piece formed large and small grooves, without any welding, the quality is guaranteed. SB16 carries the cage into the water, the three-layer filter design, the upper and lower double seal, flexible and convenient to use, to prevent secondary pollution of washing. Spraying on the entire bottom surface, uneven spraying effect, preventing temperature difference and condensation, protecting the cabinet, and reducing the noise of falling water. Ensure a clean and dry kitchen environment while creating a quiet kitchen space.

Buy it for looks, Buy it for life, the editor finished the evaluation only to truly understand Moen's concept deeply. The exquisite appearance and superb technology are the perfect interpretation of it. Being in it, using Shuxin, watching Delight, would n’t it please!

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