New and old are all new design to meet the family member wardrobe design guide

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Older parents stack more clothes, usually less hanging pieces, so you can consider making more layers and drawers when designing, and the elderly should not climb or squat due to physical condition.

Older parents stack more clothes, usually less hanging pieces, so you can consider making more layers and drawers when designing, while the elderly should not climb or squat due to physical condition, the drawer in the closet should not be placed at the bottom. It should be about 1 meter above the ground. If conditions permit, it is best to consider lifting the hanger on the upper level of the wardrobe.

Children's clothing, usually less hanging pieces, stacked more, and considering the placement of children's toys, it is best to consider a large cabinet when designing the wardrobe, only the upper layer of the pendant, the lower layer is vacant, convenient Children can open the door to pick up and collect toys at any time to meet the children's fun attitude.

Young couples’ clothing is diversified. Generally, the left and right sides are respectively set as the storage space for each of the men and women. The hangers in the cabinet are usually divided into two layers, the coat and the top, and the shirts can also be placed in separate small drawers or shelves, which are not wrinkled by the excessive laundry. Underwear, ties and socks can be used for special small plaids, which are good for clothing maintenance and more intuitive and convenient; sweaters can be placed in deep drawers; trousers are stored in special hangers.

Although there is a lot of clothing in every family, if the space is planned and used unreasonably, it is easy to find a piece of clothing to look through the wardrobe, or a piece of your favorite clothes lying in a corner for a long time to idle. In fact, there are not many clothes to be replaced in each season. The designer suggests that the wardrobe can be divided into three areas according to the frequency of clothing replacement: the season, the season, and the regular change. Three compartments are arranged at the top of the closet for stacking three seasons of clothing, while the lower part is placed on the inside of the sliding door for storing seasonal clothes. It can also be stacked but is easier to access than the top. . Arrange several drawers and hanging areas on the sides of the middle of the closet near the sliding door to store the most frequently changed clothes, so that the season clothes will be moved from the middle stacking area to the top over-season area each season. When the season's clothing is changed from the top to the season, there will be no sweaters when looking for T-shirts. When looking for coats, it is full of annoying shirts. In addition, think about the suits that will be worn next week, and change the three or five sets of clothes to the normal change area near the sliding door. Because this area has the clothes, you can also iron it on the weekend. Get up, so you don't have to iron your clothes with fatigue on weekends.

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