New Challenges of Digital Asset Management in India and China (Part One)

Traditional printing and digital technology

With the rapid development of modern IT technology, printing as a key link in the publishing process is undergoing various challenges. In order to meet these challenges, the traditional printing industry is striving to combine itself with modern IT technology, thus making digital technology an important trend in the development of today's printing technology.

From the earliest DTP desktop publishing system to the digital printing workflow; from the printing company's ERP system to the printing company's DAM digital asset management system. The impact of modern IT technology on the printing industry is getting deeper and deeper. It can be said that every development and change of modern printing technology is based on the application of IT technology.

New Challenges for Modern Enterprises - Digital Asset Management

Today's society is a highly developed information society. Each institution handles a large number of electronic documents every day. These electronic documents have long been silent in computers and are gradually forgotten. When people need to re-use these materials, they often find that Can't find this information quickly. Modern companies face a new challenge - storage and management of huge digital files!

In the publishing industry, the first to face this problem is the large-scale media and publishing companies. At the forefront of the publishing industry chain, media and publishing companies, with the development of IT technology, need to deal with more and more digital information. In the past, simple storage could not meet the development of the enterprise. The modern information society is no longer just asking the media and publishing companies to complete the task of information dissemination. How to manage these information effectively and generate new benefits is a new topic raised by digital assets. Introducing the DAM system solved this issue in a timely manner. More and more media and publishing companies are beginning to use their own DAM system to meet the requirements of the modern information society.

As a printing company serving media and publishing companies, with the application of digital technology in the printing field, the pressure brought about by digital assets is gradually felt. In particular, the application and popularization of CTP technology has enabled the digital information and printing companies of the media and publishing companies to share, thus extending the concept of digital asset management to printing companies.

What is a digital asset of a printing company

As mentioned above, the concept of digital assets is brought to the printing companies by the printing company's service objects—media and publishing companies. The digital information provided by these customers to the printing companies has become the most original and most direct digital asset for printing companies.

In the printing process, the various electronic documents generated, such as layout documents, soft proofing, and publication data, became the second type of digital assets of printing companies.

In addition, there are some printing companies that provide many value-added services in order to better serve their customers. For example, personalized printing, photography, online advertising, website design, and other services, while completing these services, all types of electronic documents generated have become the third category of digital assets of printing companies.

These kinds of electronic files, which constitute a huge number of digital assets of printing companies, also bring new challenges and development opportunities for printing companies. Effective management and use of digital assets can bring new profit growth to printing companies.

(to be continued)

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