Outdoor Adventure Viper Infestation Teach you how to deal with crisis

There is a risk of outdoor sports and travel needs to be careful. These risks come not only from the outdoor landforms themselves, but also from the lack of experience of outdoor people themselves, as well as being attacked by wild animals, snakes, and mosquitoes. If you are unlucky enough to encounter an attack, do not be nervous and understand the science of first aid treatment and reduce the risk of accidents.
Animal bites
Being bitten by animals in the outdoors is quite dangerous because there are a lot of bacteria in the animals' mouths that can cause wound infections. The risk of rabies after being bitten is greater, and the disease is the most dangerous and can be fatal. Without timely and effective treatment, if left unchecked, the wounded will show more and more irritability. They will suffer from fear of light and water (have a strong aversion to water), and even cause symptoms such as paralysis. In first aid, if there is no vaccine, there is no hope of cure. Cats, canines, apes, and other animals are most likely to carry rabies, and even some bats carry rabies.
In addition to rabies, any bite can also cause tetanus. Before the wilderness adventure begins, everybody should try to get a tetanus vaccine as much as possible. In areas where rabies may occur, rabies vaccine should be given in advance.
Emergency treatment
Once you have been bitten by an animal, thoroughly cleanse the wound. At least five minutes is required to wash the remaining animal saliva to minimize the possibility of infection. The wounds are then treated to bleed, and the clothing that has been in contact with the wound is cleaned to prevent secondary infection and to be bandaged after injury. If no vaccine has been injected before departure, after completing the above treatment, it should be withdrawn as soon as possible and go to the nearest hospital for a thorough examination.
Snake bite
During field activities, special attention should be paid to the presence or absence of snakes when resting or passing through grasses, stone seams, dead wood, bamboo forests, damp places, stream banks, and other places where snakes like to inhabit. In general, snakes do not actively attack humans, but when they accidentally step on snakes or suddenly approach one-half of their length, they are most likely to escape the consequences of being bitten.
Symptoms after being bitten by hemorrhagic poisonous snakes are: wound burning, local swelling and spread, purpura, ecchymosis, blisters, serous blood exudation from the wound, skin or subcutaneous tissue necrosis, fever, nausea, vomiting, seven holes bleeding Blood stasis, hematuria, hypotension, miosis. Convulsions, paralysis, death within 6-48 hours.
Symptoms of neuropathic snake bites are: wound pain, local swelling, lethargy, and motor disorders. Eyelid drooping, dilated pupils, local weakness, pharyngeal paralysis, stuttering, drooling, nausea, vomiting, coma, dyspnea, respiratory failure, death within 8-72 hours.
Emergency treatment
The above symptoms generally appear gradually between 10 and 20 minutes after being bitten. If there is no local pain, swelling, numbness, and weakness within 20 minutes, then it can be judged as a non-toxic snake bite. At this time, only need to disinfect. , stop bleeding, bandage and then send a doctor to tetanus or anti-inflammatory needle can be.
If you are not sure whether it is a snake bite, you still need to treat it with a poisonous snake bite. The main purpose of handling poisonous snake bites is to prevent the venom from spreading further into the body, calm down first and let the wound fall below the heart. Then, a cross-shaped incision along the viper's teeth is used for washing and detoxification. Soap can be used better. Secondly, bandages should be placed 5-10 cm above the wound to prevent the venom from running over the body, but it should not be tied too tightly, leaving the next finger space. The bandage should be loosened every 20 minutes for 30 seconds each time, and it is best to Attach a band above the bandage. Try to slow the injured person's actions and send them to the doctor promptly to describe the type of snake to the doctor so that he can prescribe the right medicine.
Do not use mouth to pull out venom in the emergency process, because no one can absolutely guarantee that there is no trace of wounds in his mouth.
Bee sting
When crossing the jungle, it is often plagued by bees, wasps, or bumble bees. They even take the initiative to attack. Especially the bumblebee, it is very painful when it is picked up. Any exposed skin, including the face, can become vulnerable. The location. When swarmed, swollen, painful, tingling, fever, sweating, nausea, convulsions, convulsion, shock and other symptoms occur.
When walking in inaccessible bushes or jungles, if you are too close to the hive or violate it, you are likely to be attacked by them. Run it! This is the only way, but remember not to drop things. No one is willing to venture back to take it.
Emergency treatment
Immediately after being injured, rub the wound with soapy water, and neutralize toxicity with soda or urine. If it is a bee sting injury, wash with acetic acid or vinegar, or use ice or tourniquet to reduce the absorption of venom. If a bee sting is left in the body, it should be carefully picked out with a sterilized needle or tweezers. Do not squeeze the wound. Otherwise it will trigger more venom diffusion.
Prevent other invaders
There are also other invaders in the wild. Some are not very common, and some will not cause major harm even if they are attacked. However, they must not be taken lightly and preventive work must be done well.
Spiders, crickets, scorpions
These poisons generally live in cool, damp, backlit places. Take a good look before you take a rest. When you go to bed at night, put your clothes and shoes off the ground. This will greatly reduce their chances. Shake the clothing before you wear it, check it again, and be cautious before reaching into the pocket.
Annoying mosquitoes
After being bitten by mosquitoes and scorpions, there is almost no danger, but it is very irritating and uncomfortable. Especially after being bitten by a scorpion, it often takes a whole week to itch. However, sometimes it is possible to get an infectious disease after being bitten by mosquitoes, such as malaria and yellow fever. Therefore, it is best to wear long-sleeved clothes in areas where there are many mosquitoes (such as bamboo forests and trees after the rain). Night camping sleeps in mosquito nets as much as possible, using insect repellents, and a smokey fire can also help drive away mosquitoes. Do not risk camping in sewage and marsh areas.
Pervasive Grasshopper
Grasshoppers in the water are easy to spot, but dry grasshoppers are often unpredictable. Dry grasshoppers often live on the ground or attached to the leaves of the plants. Especially in wet areas. They are ready to absorb onto the passing animals or humans and have a good meal. The leech is not very painful, and sometimes it is hardly noticeable. After eating, it will automatically fall off, but they will secrete a natural anti-thrombin that causes the wound to bleed. Once you have noticed that you have been bitten, do not try to make it hard. It is very likely that their heads are torn open and the mouthparts are left in the wounds, which can easily cause wound infections. You can wipe some salt water or alcohol, or burn it with a cigarette, and they will fall off automatically. This is also the benefit of smoking.

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