Patent name: A printing plate roller

Patent application number: CN200410027487.9
Publication number: CN1666865
Application Date 2004.06.08
Public Day: 2005.09.14
Applicant: Li Zhi

The invention relates to the technical field of printing equipment, and particularly relates to a printing plate roller with replaceable printing plate. The technical proposal includes that a printing plate pattern is processed on the circumferential surface of the country including the drum-shaped layout on the layout, and an air expansion shaft is installed in the layout. After adopting this structure, the printing plate roller uses the gas rising shaft as the roller core of the plate roller. Its working principle is to use the expansion of the gas rising shaft to make it tighter in the hollow tube of the plate. The gas rising shaft is combined with the plate to form an integral body. A printing plate roll that can be printed.

Reprinted from: Printed Today

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