PIAB Brings a New Series of Vacuum Conveyors - IC33

Swedish vacuum technology company PIAB has successfully developed a new series of vacuum conveyor IC33, which is suitable for material transportation in the field of industrial manufacturing, and brings a new feasible range for material transportation. The IC33 series conveyors are based on PIAB's patented vacuum technology COAXa, which is available in three sizes, with conveying capacities ranging from 500 kg/hour to 2,000 kg/hour, depending on the conveying distance and material properties. IC33 products mainly have the following three advantages: simple, high-efficiency, ergonomic; save floor space; can be widely used in many fields. The application of new COAXa technology makes the IC33 vacuum pump's compressed air consumption smaller and more energy-efficient than other brands on the market; at the same time, IC33 also greatly improves the working environment.

Reprinted from: Packaging Machinery

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