Pick lip gloss to create seductive lips

Compared with lipstick, lip gloss is more popular among women. Because it is easy to carry and has bright color, it has become a must-have item for girls in cosmetic bags. Today, Xiaobian recommends several super easy-to-use lip glosses.
1, Lancome streamer bright lip gloss

Lip gloss

Reference price: ¥270.00
Product Description: LANC?ME Lancome Shine-Reflect System&trade streamlined brightening factor, the color factor and pearl ingredients are dissolved into a smooth, lustrous oily formula, so that COLOR FEVER GLOSS streamer lip gloss will make the lips shine. The color is as strong as the flash, creating a dazzling, silky and feminine finish.
2, Barbie Brown Bobbi Brown limited edition lip gloss with brush

Lip gloss

Reference price: ¥480.00
Product Description: Continuation of Barbie Brown's style, the color palette of lip color is very diverse, can meet the requirements of different skin colors, with the effect of subtle color enhancement. The brush and accessories are uniquely designed and well-made. The shape is also aesthetically appealing, and the sense of use also fully considers the requirements of makeup.
Recommended reason: ultra-thin, can effectively set the makeup without discoloration, maintain a full day of moisturizing effect.
3, Dior Dior charm lip gloss

Lip gloss

Reference price: ¥260.00
Product Description: The new Dior Dior enchanting lip gloss, a lip gloss that combines instant lips, ultimate sparkling, light and long-lasting makeup, perfectly combined with high fashion custom concept, three stylish makeup effects, to meet the modern women's various lip gloss Demand, for you to create a radiance between the lips.
Recommended reason: high color saturation, moderate gloss and hydration, very shiny.

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