Printing ink printing common failure analysis

VI paste version (in the non-graphic area)

The main reason for the paste version is: the ink system has a low softening point or a low pH value. The second is that the viscosity of the ink is too high, the scraper does not scrape the net, the hardness of the scraper blade is too strong and the toughness is not enough, or the angle of the scraper is not correct. Third, the cold wind is insufficiently blown or the angle is not good during printing (when it is severe, the printed matter may be adhered); Rough is not smooth. Treatment methods: First, exchange the ink with a higher softening point, or choose a pH value close to neutral; second, dilute the ink or add an eraser behind the doctor blade (foam can also be used, its thickness should be 1 ~ 3mm The third is when the hot air blow (the temperature should be depending on the ambient temperature 30 °C or 35 °C or 40 range three levels) after blowing the blot, adjust the cold blowing angle (should be 25 °, 30 °, 35 °, 40, respectively) ° is good; four is to replace the printing plate.

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