Rules for the maintenance and repair of laboratory instruments

Six main points of maintenance and repair of experimental instruments:

1. Instrument and equipment management personnel must be familiar with the performance and operation procedures of the managed equipment, improve the technical files of large equipment, and properly keep the technical information and instructions for general equipment.

2. Ensure the completeness of the equipment and accessories, carefully make the past records of the instrument, and ensure that the account, card and object are consistent.

3. Maintain and maintain the instrument on a regular basis, eliminate the instrument failure in time, make maintenance records, and clean and maintain the large equipment 2-4 times per semester.

4. Damaged instruments and equipment should be repaired by professionals in the equipment center. If external repairs are required, an application should be submitted to the equipment department.

5. Before using electronic equipment, you must read the operating instructions carefully, check your own protection devices as required, control the ambient temperature, humidity, continuous working time, power supply voltage, etc., pay attention to moisture, dust, and anti-corrosion.

6. Regularly conduct power-on inspections on electronic instruments, and if there are phenomena such as flashovers, smoke, explosions, odors, etc., immediately shut down and report to the person in charge to prevent damage to the instrument due to short circuit and extend the life of the instrument.

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