Shandong Yongfa Paper R&D Success Steaming (Squeeze) Pulp Automatic Control System

By connecting dozens of inverters to a single network cable for programming, various operating data in the inverter can be read out. At the same time, the data of the relevant control points are input into the inverter through the upper computer, so as to realize the automatic control of the 300t/d continuous steam press. This high-performance continuous steaming and squeezing automatic control system was recently successfully developed and put into use by the technical personnel of Shandong Yongfa Paper Electronic Technology Department.

In 2006, the company invested RMB 670 million to expand the 200,000-ton high-strength corrugated paper production line project. Among them, the #7 and #8 continuous steaming and squeezing systems use the most advanced domestic ammonium sulfite continuous steaming equipment. In this system, the continuous steaming and squeezing automatic control system is designed, programmed, installed and debugged by a domestic professional company. The AB programmable with high reliability and high price is adopted. Although the design of this professional company is not flawed, it does not fully adapt to the relatively complex and harsh site environment of Wing Paper. As a result, the failure rate is high and the operation is cumbersome. It often causes shutdowns and shutdowns. It also leads to maintenance difficulties and parts costs. Stay high.

In order to solve this problem, the company's technical staff has repeatedly analyzed and researched the systems provided by professional companies: The system has a positive displacement control, reverse control, speed reference, current display, Hand / automatic conversion, operation feedback, fault alarm, on-site manual / automatic conversion, on-site start / stop, etc., if coupled with the actual speed display, fault reset, etc., the line is very complex. Once a failure occurs, the point of failure is very difficult to check, and sometimes it takes more than a dozen hours or more to check a point.

When the company prepares to install #9 and #10 steam squeezing equipment, the company's technical staff volunteers to request the independent development of automatic control systems for steam squeezing pulp. With the support of the company's leadership, technical personnel form a joint research team. They first performed a stand-alone test in the office of the technical department, and then centralizedly connected all inverter control, motor control, liquid level display, liquid level control, flow display, and flow control. At that time, the #9 and #10 paper machines had already been commissioned. In order not to affect the progress of the paper machines, they had to pick up the time for the evening installation workers to go to work to "pilot test." After nearly two months of trial and error and improvement, on November 20, 2006, this series of electronic control department staff 212, painstaking efforts to continuously squeeze pulp automatic control system, finally installed in # 9 and # 10 steaming workshop And trial run was successful.

This set of self-designed, programmed and debugged continuous steam automatic control system mainly adopts 315-2DP programmable and PROFIBUS-DP communication and other related components of Germany Siemens, and the communication speed reaches 1.5M/S. The upper computer adopts WICC6.0, the man-machine interface is friendly and easy to operate. The system uses only one cable to complete the control of the variable frequency motor. At the same time, the system also controls 29 ordinary motors and 8 liquid levels, flow rates, etc. Compared with the current domestic similar squeezing and pulping automation systems, it reduces the number of control cables, input and output modules, and reduces the construction and commissioning costs and costs. The system reliability and work efficiency are improved, and the maintenance costs in the later period are also greatly reduced.

Reprinted from: China Packaging Federation

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