Showcase the practical quality of life in the Sophia cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] There are too many clothes in the home? Valuable clothes are not easy to care for and not easy to save? Then you have considered a perfect layout of the cloakroom to help you solve all the above concerns. Sophia Red C's Jane European cloakroom opens up a brand new “love dress” journey with reasonable clothing layout and humanized storage design.


Guangzhou Sophia Furniture Co., Ltd. is a Sino-French joint venture furniture company that provides the world with an unrepeatable "French-style living art" with high-quality, high-quality wardrobe products. Sophia C's Jane European cloakroom combines modern simplicity with classical elegance, using the three-dimensional lines of “Shaping the Gods” as a decorative element. The temperament has the dual aesthetic effect of classical and modern.

Appearance evaluation:

From the appearance of the Sophia Red C Jane European cloakroom evaluation, the Chinese wardrobe net will be from the overall design style of the cloakroom, and partition layout design, to appreciate the unique characteristics of this cloakroom in the overall design, to provide consumers with The basis for a reference.

Sophia cloakroom

In the design style, the form of the symmetrical angle is used as the design style to achieve a harmonious feeling in visual aesthetics. In terms of overall color, Sofia Red, which has a brand-name, is the main color. The cloakroom features imported veneers that present a delicate and just-feeling sheen and texture. In the design of the detail decoration, the neoclassical design elements are mainly used, noble and generous.


In terms of layout design, the storage partition of the cloakroom functional area is dominated by a simple and user-friendly design. The space on the layout of the suspension area is reasonably in place, and the side can be used as a hanging area for the suit jacket. In this area, the tie storage area and the trousers suspension area are set by using the remaining space. On the other hanging partition, reserve enough length and space to serve as a hanging area for ladies evening dresses and dresses.

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