Stadium fence wire, raw materials and anti-corrosion technology

The stadium fence is made of high-grade metallic paint, bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications, flat surface, strong tension, not easily impacted by external forces, deformation stadium bright color, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications, The mesh surface is smooth, strongly tensioned, and is not susceptible to deformation by external forces.


On-site construction and installation, the greatest feature of the product is its flexibility, which can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements. The stadium fence is mainly suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts and integrated court fences with high quality requirements.

Types of stadium fences

1. Popular type: The inner diameter of the fence is ф2.3mm×OD ф 3.6mm, and the mesh is 45mm×45mm. Basketball court, tennis court, football field.

2. Standard type: purse inner diameter ф 2.5mm × OD ф 3.8mm mesh 45mm × 45mm standard professional stadium use (Basketball court fence, tennis court fence, football field, sports venues fence)

3, enhanced type: fence diameter ф 2.8mm × diameter ф 4.0mm mesh 50mm × 50mm training basketball court fence, football field fence, tennis court fence and other use.

4. Extra-strong type: inner diameter of the net ф3.0mm×diameter ф 4.3mm mesh 50mm×50mm All the international standard sports venues (tennis court fences, basketball net fences, track and field runway fences) are used by the fence. Stadium fence has a flat mesh surface, excellent tension, impact resistance, collision resistance, deformation is not easy, but the net column strength and stretching technology requirements are higher, can be installed by our professional construction staff. It is especially suitable for tennis court fences, basketball court fences, soccer field fence volleyball courts and sports training venues within a height of 4 meters.

Wireline, raw materials and antisepsis process used in stadium fences:

The national standard for stadium fences is as follows: 60mm X 60mm angle steel or 75mm steel pipe height: 2m--4.0m; column spacing: 3.5m or less; fence plastic covered wire diameter: 3.6--4.0mm X; mesh hole: 50mmX 50mm Connection method: Drawing tension; anticorrosion treatment: hot dipping efficient anti-corrosion; net column, fence site construction and installation, the product is the greatest feature of flexibility, according to site requirements at any time to adjust the structure of the shape and size.

The wire used in the stadium fence: high-standard, high-quality, low-carbon galvanized steel wire suitable for various purposes, to ensure the needs of customers.

Raw materials: The original imported high-density PE plastic packaging has absolutely no mixed filler and recycled raw material components, ensuring the product's service life and its standard requirements.

Stadium fence anti-corrosion coating: 300 degrees high temperature plasticization, so that the inner layer of low-carbon steel wire and surface plastic paste closely, is not easy to be infiltrated by the air surface oxidation of the wire from the inside to the outside of the long rust, resulting in shortened life.

Thickness: high temperature plastic extrusion, stable rotation speed, the thickness of the plastic surface layer is kept above 0.6mm.

Color: a variety of masterbatch raw material synthesis and then add a unique anti-UV raw material overall mixing technology to ensure the stability of the product color, years of use surface is still bright and clean, bright and lasting.

Process: Unique twist-knitted weaving and threading technology, optimized mold design to ensure no cracks in the bend at the production of this fence net product. Lifetime: High-density raw plastics, with a surface water absorption rate of 0%, resistant to common acids and alkalis, 5-8 years longer than ordinary plastic-covered fences.

Seismic maintenance of the stadium: Exemption from manual maintenance and maintenance, the surface dust is washed off by rain naturally, and can be removed and used as a greening facility after stopping use.

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