Stem cell line for female monkeys

The research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday, a sequel to a report last year. By stimulating egg cell division, stem cells can be produced from unfertilized monkey egg cells and form tiny tissue balls group. Scientists believe that the use of unfertilized egg cells as the original material to generate stem cells may not be controversial because this cell mass cannot develop into a fetus.

"The most important thing is that these cells are not produced after the combination of male and female, so in essence it is a new method to produce stem cells without destroying the fertile embryo." Kent Vrana of Wake Forest of University Baptist Medical Center said.

Due to the great potential for the treatment of diseases, stem cell research has been strongly concerned by the public. But the use of source human embryonic stem cells has caused moral and ethical controversy.

The new cells are similar in genetics and performance to stem cells obtained from in vitro fertilized embryos. Vrana said: "This kind of cell seems to be particularly good for generating neurons, which may be a potential new treatment for Parkinson."

The disadvantage of this method is that it may be limited to women who can develop egg cells to treat their own diseases, otherwise immune rejection reactions will occur.

"This study takes advantage of unisexual reproduction in the natural phenomenon of sexual reproduction," said Jose Cibelli of Michigan State University. Some insects, like reptiles and amphibians, reproduce using this method without the need for sperm. "This is the first time we have produced autologous cells from primates and are still alive. The most important thing is that we do not use any sperm," Cibelli said.

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