Supply duct tape

Supply duct tape

[ Product introduction of cloth tape ]

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Color: Red Substrate: Cloth

Ultra-high temperature (°C) Long-term temperature resistance: High temperature (°C)

Model: Red cloth tape Scope of application: Extensive

Cloth tape product description: Cloth tape is based on polyethylene adhesive cloth. Strong tensile strength, strong adhesion, easy tearing, tensile strength, oil wax, anti-corrosion, high-viscosity tape, suitable for heavy-duty packaging, carpet joints, cables, telephone lines, avoidance protection, rubber And insulation joints.

Microfiber Twist Mop is two times more absorbent than mops with cotton heads. It is ideal for cleaning multi-surfaces inside your home, toilet bowls and pedestal sinks.Developed with a self-wringing design, it twists to squeeze out excess water, keeping your hands dry. The scrubber tip is designed to help remove stubborn stains easily. This product comes with a bonus refill.

Twist Mop

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