Sweden invents equipment for detecting the amount of aroma that penetrates food packaging

Recently, the sensory and chemical analysis laboratory of the paper company Iggesund Paperboard in Sweden successfully developed a unique aroma measuring device that can detect the amount of fragrance that penetrates the packaging material.

The laboratory is certified by the sensory analysis of government agencies, and the SWedish Board for Techni-cal Accreditation, SWEDAC oversees the work of the laboratory to ensure its quality. This will bring significant changes to food packaging and will be of great value to Iggesund paperboard companies who are experts in the development of coated paper for different applications. According to the introduction of the laboratory's technical director, under normal circumstances, people only pay attention to studying the effects of oxygen, moisture, carbon dioxide, and different packaging materials on the contents, but now can detect any solid or liquid form of aroma components, and can simultaneously The effect of four different aroma components was measured.

The company's cardboard is mainly used to package sensitive products such as food and candy. Like other packaging materials, cardboard can ultimately affect the taste and taste of packaged products by releasing or absorbing flavors. How to seal the packaging material and how many aroma components penetrate or exude can determine the amount of spice that should be added in the food that needs to be packaged, and the effect on the contents of the package in different storage environments. Odor from the packaging can have a positive effect. If the packaging manufacturer changes the printing inks, materials or ingredients, the flavor of the food will also change. This is why the packaging material supplier is very important to ensure long-term stable product quality.

Source: China Food News

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