TC9000-V80 Force Tension Controller

Normal >    The TC9000-V80 is a high precision, all-digital tension controller. By receiving the signal transmitted by the tension sensor, the signal is output after the internal intelligent PID operation processing, and the actuator is adjusted to control the change of the coil diameter according to the tension. There are functions such as parking output memory, pre-start value setting, parking gain setting, jog output setting, PID gain setting, roll change setting, taper setting, etc. to make the tension control easier and more accurate. Features and features:

l          Using high-precision D/A converters, the output accuracy is as high as 0.1% and the tension control is more accurate.
l          It can directly drive the magnetic powder (electromagnetic) clutch /brake, also can control the frequency conversion, servo and so on.
l          Can accept single or dual sensor input signal, auto-zero, automatic calibration.
l          Humanized interface design, operation is very convenient.
l          Multi-line LCD display, Chinese and English menu, simple programming, easy to understand.
l          There is a password function to avoid misoperation to change the setting parameters.
l          With storage box, you can back up various parameters.
l          Metal shell, strong and beautiful, but also has a strong anti-electromagnetic interference.
l          Plug terminal, convenient wiring installation.

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