Terms related to prepress platemaking (17)

Positive-working offset printing plates positive-acting (offset printing) plate

Offset plate for positive color separations.

Negative offset printing plate negative-acting (offset printing)plate

Offset plate for negative color separations.

Copy reproduction

The general term for the process of copying an original by hand, photographing, electronic or printing.

Printing characteristic curve of printing and reproduction

Describes the curve of the relationship between the density of an original or a printed copy, or the relationship between dots.

Pre-proofing prepress proofing

Prior to revision and proofing, a method for preliminarily checking the quality of a color separation chip is made by simulating the basic color of a printing ink hue (toner, color film, etc.) or electronically coloring a color sample on the screen according to a color separation sheet.

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Strawberry clamshell series of packaging boxes have side vent , so that the frozen air quickly into the middle of the strawberry, the quick freezing effect is 20 ~ 40% higher than the ordinary flat hole.

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