The development of beautiful kitchen appliances will promote the improvement of living standards

I remember that the first appliance I bought at home was a beautiful air conditioner. Later, the beautiful kitchen appliances entered my life. As it said, beauty makes life better.

With the improvement of living standards, people's awareness of consumption has increased. Faced with a variety of kitchen appliances brands, in order to occupy a favorable position in the market, we must constantly integrate and upgrade our products in order to divide the last piece of cake in the kitchen appliance industry. Based on the current situation of the market, Midea is the first to integrate home appliances, relying on its own strong brand advantages, and strive to build its own three major brand groups, which will achieve the status of the industry first.

Some of the US-developed home appliances have been patented. For example, the steam generation system sucks the water in the water storage tank into the steam generator. After rapid heating in the microwave oven, steam is generated, and the closed steam space is used for the ingredients. Direct heating, so that the water and nutrients of food are more preserved, effectively solving the problem of water loss and poor taste caused by traditional microwave heating food. Another invention patent, automatic descaling device, steam microwave oven after a certain period of time, the system can be automatically cleaned by the system intelligent cleaning function, to avoid the scale of the steam system, affecting the use. For consumers who are not willing to spend time cleaning the cavity, this series of products is designed with a one-button start-up chamber cleaning function. By pressing the “Cavity Clean” button, steam can be quickly generated and the chamber can be cleaned. Tired of human cleaning.

The products promoted by Midea's home appliances are mainly aimed at young people nowadays because they are busy with work, do not have time to take care of the kitchen, and do not want to waste too much time in the kitchen. For this group, they are mainly convenient and fast in the research and development of home appliances. The core function of the intelligent steaming series is that you only need to select the menu. Press the “Start” button to cook automatically, which saves time and effort. . There is also a steam washing function hood, you only need to connect a small kettle, through 110 ° C high temperature and high pressure steam, as long as 15 minutes, you can clean the internal impeller, filter, air duct, etc., do not need to disassemble, do not need With manual participation, the washing rate reached 98.5%. Every 15 hours of operation of the range hood, the system will remind the user to clean, just press a button, it is very simple to operate.

Midea's kitchen appliances have always served the public with its excellent reputation and excellent brand. Midea has always been committed to their commitment to the public and makes life better. Recently, many beautiful home appliances have been launched at the Klip Mall. If you want to buy beautiful appliances. The Klip Mall is a platform you can buy with confidence.

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