The installation and debugging of the intelligent biochemical incubator produced by Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. is simple

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the LNB brand biochemical incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country.

Installation and commissioning

1. Be careful not to apply force on the glass during transportation or to hit the cabinet. It is forbidden to put it upside down or at an angle greater than 45 °.

2. After the device is placed on the ground, it should be placed stably. If the ground is uneven, it should be corrected.

3. Please do not use the instrument in direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity, and keep the ambient temperature at 10-30 ℃.

4. This equipment should be far away from the source of electromagnetic interference, and the ground wire of the equipment should be effectively grounded.

5. When the equipment is in normal operation, the contents of the box should not be placed to affect the air circulation to ensure the air circulation and uniform temperature in the box.

6. The power supply is AC 220V50HZ, 10A three-core socket must be used, and there is a reliable ground wire, and two-core sockets are not allowed to be used without authorization.

7. The power cord should not be close to the back, nor should the instrument or other objects be pressed on the power cord, so as not to damage the power cord


1. The biochemical incubator should be installed in a place where the temperature and humidity change is as small as possible. Use a three-pin plug? The socket should be properly grounded.

2. Before starting the biochemical incubator, you should be fully familiar with and understand the instructions of each supporting instrument and instrument, and master the correct use method.

3. It is strictly forbidden to contain volatile chemical solvents? Explosive and flammable gases are placed in the box. Do not use flammable sprays near the incubator to avoid spark ignition.

4. Regularly check the air circuit for leaks.

5. The biochemical incubator has a power-off protection function, so it will take about one and a half minutes to restart the compressor after it is stopped, so as to better protect the compressor.

6. The distance between the condenser and the wall of the biochemical incubator should be greater than 100mm, the side of the box should have a gap of 50mm, and the top of the box should have at least 300mm space to ensure good heat dissipation.

7. When carrying, repairing and maintaining the biochemical incubator, avoid collision and shaking, and the maximum inclination should be less than 45 degrees.

8. When you stop using for a long time, you should turn off the main power and the power switch at the rear of the device. ? At the same time, the biochemical incubator should avoid frequent opening of the door to maintain stable temperature, and at the same time prevent dust and dirt from entering the working room.

9. The inside and outside of the box should be kept clean every day, and should be cleaned after each use. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to wipe the tank liner and equipment surface frequently to keep it clean and increase the transparency of the glass. Do not wipe the outer surface with acid, alkali or other corrosive solutions.

10. Turn off the power switch after cultivating. Do not open the door of the box unless the experimental samples are taken out immediately.

11. The biochemical incubator should not be used in abnormal environments such as high voltage, large current, and strong magnetic field, and strictly follow the electrical safety operation rules.

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Excellence of Vacuum Forming Machine:

1). Heater: (controlled separately)

A. Heater separately set different temperature according material forming demand to insure product quality. Adjusted the voltage of heater by AC voltage meter which can insures the heater temperature steady and save power.

B. Change the heater units fleetly. And it is economical for maintain because it only need change part units.

2). Controlling

The heater unit separately can short the heating time and economize energy and improve product quality and reduce cost.

3). Adjustable frame

The side size clamping can be adjusted as the working required

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