The purpose and standard of dustproof test box

The dustproof test box is a barrier to the work, life, and economy caused by the sandstorms that are introduced everywhere, especially locks and outdoor instrument products are particularly vulnerable to damage. We can plant trees in natural climates. To solve the problem of greening, we can only rely on the sand and dust test box to simulate this environment, and check the damage degree of the product in a specific environment. Standards are uniform provisions for repetitive things and overviews. The standard of the dustproof test box is to make clear and specific regulations on the conditions of the dustproof test box, such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and PH value. In addition, it also puts forward technical requirements for the performance of the dustproof test box. The standard of the dustproof test box for the same product should be selected according to the characteristics of the dustproof test box, the corrosion rate of the metal and the sensitivity to salt spray. The following introduces several dustproof test box standards, such as GB / T2423.17-1993 "Basic Environmental Test Procedure for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ka: Dustproof Test Box Method", GB / T2423.18-2000 "Electric and Electronic Products Environmental Test Part 2: Test Kb: Salt spray, alternating (sodium chloride solution), GB5938-86 "Corrosion resistance test method for metal plating and chemical treatment of light industrial products", GB / T1771-91 "Color paint and varnish Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray ".

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