"UNILIFE nothing" and Watsons - "deformation" men's skin care products

"Transformers are back!" Recently, Watsons teamed up with the young men's skin care brand "Unilife is nothing", and in the country's top ten cities for 2,000 Watsons members carefully held a 3D version of "Transformers 3" members special viewing. "Transformers 3" returned strongly in the long-awaited "wire". After the "Kung Fu Panda 2", Watsons members once again felt the summer "variation" storm.

“ UNILIFE is nothing more than ” is a series of young people's skin care products under Maxwell's “Simple” and “Unique” unique brand, which is very fashionable. The product adds seabuckthorn plant extracts from the Qinghai Plateau. The rich amino acids and powerful water-locking function help the boys to drive away the shine while maintaining skin vitality. No pigment, no alcohol, no fragrance, the purest way of skin care for young men who love simple and direct.

In this fiery summer, “Unilife is nothing more than” launched the Transformers Commemorative Skincare line, which is exclusively available at Watsons stores. In this photo session, Watsons members not only felt the shocking scene of the 3D version of "Transformers 3", but also loved the Transformers Commemorative skincare products launched by Unilife. The Transformers Commemorative Cleansing Foam in this series of skin care products has attracted the attention of many members with its unique “Bob” style.

""UNILIFE nothing" and Watsons - "deformation" men's skin care products

"June has just participated in the Kung Fu Panda's photo session, which used the girlfriend's membership card." Mr. Chen is a Watsons member who joined his girlfriend to participate in this event. He told reporters that he was a child. King Kong’s loyal fans have now become “male” and become a mature man. “Transformers 3” is a movie that he and his girlfriend have already listed in this year. They recently became a Watsons member under the guise of their girlfriends. I didn’t expect to enjoy this time. This welfare. “Convenience, activities also have some meaning.” Mr. Chen said that the Watsons membership card has brought a lot of benefits to himself and his friends.

It is reported that as the largest retailer of health and beauty products in China, Watsons has been committed to providing members with a platform to enjoy a beautiful and healthy life. It is reported that Watsons will continue to provide members with shopping spending points, points deductible cash and double birthdays. Personalized consumer promotions such as points, as well as a series of health and beauty events such as concerts, movie appreciation, star meet-ups and even wild mountain races, to provide members with more unique and happy experiences. ”

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