Variations of Rhapsody for Bay Window

[PART ONE]: Domestic case of bay window

Case 1: spacious bay window

[Design direction]: A functional area that can be leisurely stored.

[Applicable people]: 80s young couples who enjoy life and pursue modern simplicity.

[With a single product]: simple shelf-change the wall layout to enrich indoor storage; light and thin screens + gray shades-create a warm and comfortable corner, enjoy a comfortable sun while maintaining a private; invisible storage tool ——The part of the bay window close to the ground has been ingeniously handled. It can sit and lie down and can also store various private objects at the bottom.

The editor has something to say: the overall setting is simple. If it is a hot summer, a simple guarantee will satisfy the beautiful afternoon of the homeowner ’s relaxation; if it is cold autumn and winter, you may wish to choose a warm bay window cushion as a simple cushion, comb It is also very convenient to pack up.

Case two: afternoon leisure place for two

[Design direction]: Leisure, bright and fresh leisure area.

[Applicable people]: Newlyweds who are pursuing elegance and comfort and enjoying life.

[With a single product]: Red small lazy chair-help the host to schedule a good afternoon leisure time, nest in it, talk to each other about their concerns, or not to say, it is also good to simply look at each other; white screens- -Lightweight screens create a light and bright home atmosphere in the interior, satisfying the mood of wanting to relax; the arrangement of the wooden strips-even in a small space, we must pay attention to the natural leisure leisure charm.

The editor has something to say: the carpet under the bay window is also a very warm and comfortable little embellishment. The editor recommends that although the sun shines in the afternoon, the blackout curtains are still necessary. Once you can block too much light, you can only guarantee it. The private life you should have. Lazy chair is enough, even in the low temperature period, it will feel warm without directly touching the wooden strip.

Case 3: Part-time playground

[Design direction]: The exclusive playground for small children.

[Applicable people]: A small family of three with children.

[With a single product]: Curtains-two layers of screens and blackouts are convenient and practical; wall stickers-because this area has been converted into a children ’s playground, so lively and cute wall stickers change the monotonous wall at the same time It is good for inspiring children's beautiful imagination; floating window pads-colorful, help to develop children's intelligence, moderate hardness, warm and comfortable.

The editor has something to say: the design of the storage space handle at the lower end is convenient for taking and taking, and also guarantees the privacy of the stored items. I do n’t have to worry about the children messing around and getting everything everywhere.

Case 4: National Elements Exhibition Hall

[Design direction]: A small bay window with strong national wind and storage.

[Applicable people]: People who like exotic winds and can not stop the national winds, and demand beautiful and practical people.

[With a single product]: Beige curtains-Curtain settings are very different, giving the bay window a sense of full open space, and at the same time drawing the curtain and distinguishing it from the interior, this bedroom bay window design is very good; national style pillow ——Different colors, different shapes but colorful at the same time, the comfortable pillow is a bonus point of the bay window, which laid the style and tone of the bay window; cotton and linen bay window cushion-is an excellent single product to change the indoor temperature .

The editor has something to say: thick rugs and soft fittings with various warm attributes on bay windows are essential home furnishings for autumn and winter. The storage space at the lower end has been hollowed out, which changes the heavy visual sense and makes the indoor space thick and free, which is very suitable.

Case five: extended study

[Design direction]: A bay window integrated with the interior.

[Applicable crowd]: Urban white-collar small apartment newly-weds.

[With a single product]: Curtains-blackout curtains ensure the privacy of the space, and the light can also be properly projected; desk-bay window is transformed by the homeowner and extends into the corner of the study room, resulting in a smooth indoor atmosphere the design of.

The editor said: If the room is not large, but you want an independent study space, you may learn to use the bay window in the picture. A desk with a rounded corner design is a necessity to connect all this.

Case 6: Rectangular bay window in bedroom

[Design direction]: Study function.

[Applicable people]: families with students in school.

[With a single product]: Beige screens & beige shades-curtains are generally indispensable soft fittings for bay windows. This curtain has a high degree of integration with beige and indoor tones, which is easy to create a warm and comfortable look. It is suitable to be placed in the bedroom to produce a quiet and comfortable effect to help sleep; desk-simple computer desk placed, and then do the recommended decoration, an independent comfortable and powerful "study room" is completed.

The editor said: The space is not large as a whole, and the bay window is large. If it is a room for daughters and sons, this setting must be the child's favorite. They have independent study desks and can also be transformed into other functional areas.

Case 7: corner bay window in bedroom

[Design direction]: simple leisure area.

[Applicable people]: People who pursue simple and comfortable.

[With a single product]: dark red shades-distinguishes between bay windows and indoor space; pink screens-distinguishes between outdoor and indoor spaces; pink stripe bay window cushions-to meet the needs of simple leisure.

The editor has something to say: the overall design is relatively simple, many functional areas have not been developed, the corner design is very suitable for a leisure space for two people, both ends of the wall can be treated as simple partitions, placed on green plants or books It is a good design.

[PART TWO]: Drawing lessons from foreign window dressing

The bay window draws one: the narrow bay window of the restaurant

[Design direction]: integrate with the dining table, make a leisure area when there are few people, and make a dining chair when there are many people.

[Applicable people]: People who pay attention to decoration quality and pursue practical and beautiful.

[With a single product]: Projection light-to ensure sufficient lighting of the bay window; Curtains-white patterned curtains with yellow patterns are dazzling, with yellow interior space, complement each other; green bay window cushion-changed the comfort of bay windows Degree; pillow-rich mini space, at the same time feel comfortable.

The editor has something to say: If it is a domestic home space, the lower end may be made into a storable space to ensure that the indoor accommodation space is enough. You don't need to guarantee so much, just a comfortable pillow.

Bay window reference 2: irregular small rectangular bay window

[Design direction]: small leisure area.

[Applicable people]: People who pursue independent quality of life.

[Matched single product]: Pillow-the color of the pillow is also in line with the overall color of the interior, very dazzling but not abrupt, and very comfortable; the window pad-select the rare denim fabric, paired with the sofa, unique taste.

The editor said: Since the overall space of the bay window is not large, the setting is very simple, and the basic bay window cushion and pillow are enough. The Roman curtain, which is hardly visible, is also the simplest style, low-key and durable.

The bay window draws three: the atmosphere is spacious bay window

[Design direction]: A functional area that can be leisurely stored.

[Applicable people]: Couples who like to read, daze and love home.

[With a single product]: Roman curtain-brown and white striped Roman curtain is elegant and intellectual, adding a different color to the light-tone interior, and it is more warm; projection lights-bay window has been developed into a small The reading corner, the necessary projection lights can ensure sufficient lighting in the room; shelves-the partitions at both ends are set up, so that you who like to read books can put various books, it is also very convenient to access; bay window cushion and pillow-thick The bay window cushions and the rich and gentle pillow make people want to rest on it at a glance, willing to stay at home.

The editor has something to say: simple and small space, the warmest design is the most comfortable, the editor hopes that there can be such a place in the home, and it is not a waste of time to lie down all afternoon.

Bay window lessons four: large trapezoidal bay window

[Design direction]: The extended leisure area is comparable to the living room space, and has the functions of reading corner and living room.

[Applicable people]: Large villas or self-built farm houses, high-consumption people who pursue hedonic and high-quality home life.

[With a single product]: Atmospheric Roman curtain-makes the bay window look not so big, changing the indoor look and feel. At the same time, the beige green edge design is amazing, in line with the indoor color matching, beige also looks warm; Because of the large space, table lamps and chandeliers should be necessary items to ensure space lighting; bay window stools-to meet leisure needs; bay window cushions and pillows-to increase space comfort while maintaining the tone standard; single People sofa, foot lamp-a series of settings really exert the leisure function to the extreme, it is definitely a place where you can relax; the green flower carpet on white background-still continues the basic color of the interior, while the whole space is warm; green Planting-The placement of these objects enhances the naturalness of the interior and matches the outdoor green landscape to create the illusion of extension of the interior.

The editor said: Most of this type of bay window appears in the duplex or villa space, which takes up a lot of space, so if you want to dress it up, treat it as an independent space.

Bay window reference five: rectangular bay window at the corner of the stairs

[Design direction]: add indoor light, beautify the monotonous space and at the same time have a small leisure place.

[Applicable people]: People who are in duplex or villa space and pursue quality and romantic life.

[With a single product]: blinds-the setting of wood makes people in a natural and comfortable, wood has unparalleled natural beauty in all decoration materials. A simple piece of wood reminds the urbanites who live in the jungle of reinforced concrete to think of verdant trees and green trees. It seems that there are strands of fresh oxygen flowing from the tip of the green leaves into the heart; bay window Cushion-beige cotton and linen color wooden blinds present a natural and bright, warm and comfortable home effect; pillows-many times they carry more decorative effects, their comfort and comfort need not be said; beige stripes wallpaper- Change the monotony of the wall, enrich the expression of the indoor home, and complement each other in color matching.

The editor has something to say: the design of the bay window like the corner of the stair is very careful, which ensures that the stairwell is bright and sufficient, which is convenient for the elderly and children. At the same time, the good leisure function is also great.

Bay window reference six: long bay window space

[Design direction]: children's playground, adult leisure place.

[Applicable people]: A family of three who pursues a natural and comfortable life and pays attention to the cultivation of emotions.

[With a single product]: blue bay window cushion-to increase bay window comfort and warmth and beauty; all kinds of pillows-rich bay window settings, comfort can be increased; the lower storage cabinet and storage basket-two The functional design is very practical, the home is not only beautiful, but also practical; rattan curtains-let the sunlight come in through the gaps to increase the indoor warmth; red and white striped wallpaper-bright colors and active spaces, let small spaces look It looks brighter.

The editor has something to say: refreshing blue and white, plus simple red vertical stripes, so that your home has a refreshing and pure campus atmosphere. Cotton, linen, and rattan make this small space warm and natural.

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